Mentoring with Nikhil

Eradicate limiting beliefs and step into your TRUE magnificence


Let’s dive deep

THIS is your opporunity to receive private, 1-1 menotoring with nikhil.

Nikhil will guide you through a deep, energetic journey over 3 months to help you illuminate your shadows, clarify your souls mission and craft a live based on harmony and abundance.

who is it for?

This immersive is for visionaries, thought-leaders, entrepreurs, creatives and the leaders of the new earth who are driven by the passion for impact and embodiment of their highest expression.

It is for heart-centered souls who have a deep knowing that life is limitiless, and that they are incarnated to massively impact the world with their presence and gifts. If you have a calling in your heart to be of service to the Divine plan and actualise your untapped potential and genius this program is for you.

we dive deep into your internal world, cultivate harmony and ignite your inner genius

If you are ready to let go of the old narrative and ignite your genius, you will join Nikhil in:

→ Weekly mentoring calls

→ Powerful 1:1 VIP intensive days

→ Daily accountability access through Whatsapp and Voxxer

→ Access to my private Round Table Mastermind

→ Ongoing energetic support of Nikhil

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