whats stopping you from living the dream life you've always desired?

Through the numerous challenges and wins during my life journey, this timeless truth has always proven to be true...

My thoughts are creating my reality

AND I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN fully RESPONSIBLE FOR everything i experience

Whether I was experiencing great joy or great darkness life was ALWAYS reflecting to me what I thought to be true about my reality. Life is a profound mirror. 

I had a massive spiritual activation when I was 18 triggered by the 11:11 time prompts which I would see on digital clocks, number plates and receipts an innumerable amount of times each day. These DNA activation’s catapulted me into the higher dimensions where universal truths were revealed to me.

I used to wake up in my room in the middle of the night with luminous light beings standing over me, showering me with light. This was pure ecstacy. I was living in a state of bliss, third eye wide open and seeing through the viel with ease. I was guided by nonphysical teachers and would often have giant orbs of light float around me. I was in a state of deep peace and unity with the universe.

but with great light comes darkness

all of a sudden everything in my life fell away

Living in such a high vibration without being grounded or having a community was unsustainble. I couldn’t relate to my friends and my relationship ended. I was deeply hurt and was angry at Spirit. I felt betrayed. The light had illuminated deep and ancient wounding in my being and left my floored and humbled…

…this is when I fell deep into a dark abyss. I made a decision that even though I am eternal Spirit I am also human…but the swing of polarity into the darkness was drastic.

Such is the way the pendulum sings.

I detached from Spirit and began to move with the wrong crowds. I filled  my days with toxic activities; drugs, violence, mindless sex and escapism….anything to numb the pain. I was spiraling into my unconscious darkness and making choices that were totally misaligned with my heart.

I remember waking up in hospital after being knocked unconscious in brawl . The massive gash on my forehead from hitting the concrete should’ve been my wake-up call…but instead further fuelledmy destructive path.

I had a deep unconscious desire to explore my own darkness, but this desire almost ended me, multiple times.

My saving grace was a job opportunity in the Middle East. When this opportunity arose I didn’t know anything about what it would entail, other than the fact that it catered to my Sagittariun wanderlust. Even though this particular role was extremely hard to get, with a less than 1% chance of making it through recruitment, I flew threw with ease and grace. I was totally non-attached to the outcome and was brimming with confidence. I left university and packed my bags for my adventure. 

I’ve ALWAYS SAID YES TO LIFE AND have no fear about leaving my comfort zone

I was living the high life

The airline job wasn’t glamorous initially and I was wondering what I had got myself into. Fortunately I’m always down for a challenge and was promoted fast, becoming one of the youngest managers in the airline.

I was a natural leader and gained the respect of my staff. The polarity of this job was the horrible hours, consistent jet lag and often toxic energy. The 9 years flying drained me physically, mentally and spiritually but expanded my worldview.

I met thousands of people from around the globe and visited 68 countries – I begun to see the world as an interconnected family of human beings.

I was travelling the world in business class sipping champagne and snacking on caviar. I was driving my dream car, living in a skyscraper in a beautiful apartment and was dating models. This globe-trotting fast-paced life was a model of reality that I thought I wanted…but was totally superficial and the feeling of fulfliment was short-lived.

I ended up marrying my childhoold sweetheart and enjoyed the safety of connection and the ‘security’ I had created. I decided it was time to pull the plug on my Middle Eastern adventure as growth had stagnated and moved back to Australia.

Resisting change leads to suffering

I opened up a new chapter with new dreams & ambitions

I immediately launched a my first business in the tech space and built powerful momentum, partnering with over 100 businesses and building an app by myself from scratch…and I wasn’t even a coder. Unfortunately my limiting beliefs showed up and I ended up sabotaging the endeavor. I didn’t trust myself fully and made bad decisions. I knew that this defeat would provide me with valuable learning so I was confident that this wasn’t the end.

I then moved with my wife to Brooklyn and was guided to work with conscious businesses as this gave me a sense of purpose which was lacking in my first business. I felt a strong affinity with my tree-lined neighborhood (I was living on the same street where the Notorious B.I.G. grew up!) and 300 year old brownstone apartment. Things were starting to look up.  I was attracting clients and feeling a wave of inspiration…

until my world came crashing down again

My wife had found another man and my heart was ripped out…but deep down I heard the whisper of my Soul telling me that it’s time to connect to the light within. I returned to Australia and the following months were HARD. I consciously deep dived into my darkness to unify the chasm within my being. 

doing the inner work

Deep diving into my unconscious mind recapitulating fragmented aspects of my psyche. Healing my relationship with the feminine and the masculine. Clearing ancient karmic patterns and reprogramming my subconscious mind to align with my true nature. I’ve delved into a vast range of modalities from somatic healing, tantra, plant medicine, transcendental meditation, hypnosis, deep solitude and much more.

Each one of these experiences enabled me to find another jewel that was hidden in the mud of my unconscious. 

The spiritual path is not for the faint-hearted but the rewards are immense. Through traversing the path less traveled I have shifted layers of unconscious programming and limiting beliefs and connected to my true genius.

this path has been deeply rewarding…

What I’ve accomplished with a limitless mindset

I’ve traveled to 68 countries and gathered a depth of experience.

As a liberated creator I’ve launched 3 businesses in the last 3 years.

I attracted a dream job as as a Creative Director in a leading-edge social impact tech startup.

I’ve worked with over 30 conscious visionaries, entrepreneurs and businesses to create, refine and launch their offerings into the world

Attracted life-changing soul mate relationships and am currently in a potent sacred union

I’m surrounded with powerful, heart-centered community who support me on my mission

I’ve lived the majority of the last year in the tropical paradise of Bali creating from the comfort of my laptop

Activated my multi-dimensional gifts with the ability to see beyond the veil with ease

Created a life with no attachment, but pure flow

I am the healthiest I have ever been, with a vibrant body, living on a predominantly plant-based diet

Completed my Business Degree with under 100 hours of actual time spent and never attending any lectures or actually reading the books

And the best of all, I remember that I am connected with all of life intimately…including you. We are powerful creators here to be conduits of light and co-create a harmonious world. The quesiton is, will you answer the call?



We all have limitless potential inside of us