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Master Coach Entrepreneur Metaphysician Designer Mystic Poet Innovator

My mission is to empower 1 million New Paradigm leaders to realize their supreme potential through creatively and courageously unleashing their genius into the world.

I have collaborated with 100’s of visionary entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives, launched multiple startups, visited over 70 countries and transmuted many shadows and constructs on the eternal path of realizing my destiny.

My core focus is the architecture and design of a DAO and Web3 ecosystem to accelerate the awakening of human consciousness whilst supporting the regeneration of our planet and preservation of ancient wisdom.

If you are seeking expert support to calibrate your performance and optimize your energy field or have a game-changing project needing advisory, I invite you book a 30-minute discovery with me to explore further.

  • Nikhil possesses a remarkable ability to see beyond the clutter, to cut through what is not needed and get right to the core of someone’s gifts. He has been someone who has played a crucial role in my business. Assisting me to not only share my gifts with the world at deeper levels but to also help me learn more about myself in the process. He has this ability to extract the best from you and package it in a unique and stand out kind of way, whilst still honoring the essence of your message.

  • Nikhil is a joy to work with, he is heart centred leader with the unique combination of a deeply strategic mind, he thinks about strategies other people wouldn't, his dedication to his art shines through in all the work he does and shows in the results that get delivered. He is the iconic conscious business leader in the modern world, where you know you will not only get a wonderful heart felt service, but you will also receive the rare proposition of what is best for you and your company at the forefront of everything he does, well ahead of his own business interests.

  • Thank you Nikhil for holding such incredible space and holding me as I go beyond my edge and anything that I have ever "known" to fully remember...wow! Beyond words. I feel like I am still basking in this feeling, and I still have a smile on my face. Working with you keeps getting better and better. I am in heaven!

  • Nikhil embodies a poised grace while holding a loving space imbued with profound attention and awareness. He is a skilled facilitator and has a special gift for guiding people into deeper embodiment and access to all of themselves. His creativity and empathy knows no bounds, and he graciously and generously shares his many talents in service to the world. I’ve both witnessed and experienced him hold a gentle yet powerful space for people to experience profound transformation and self-intimacy. He helped me uncover the hidden places within me to access my deepest truth and highest potential. I highly recommend any container he holds.

    Megan Thoma - Master Coach

  • The difference I feel after one session with Nikhil is astronomical. Huge subconscious influences that have been holding me back for lifetimes got tuned into with great love and compassion. Nikhil's strong combination of grounded strength and multidimensional guidance is out of this world powerful and allows release to happen instantly. Words are not enough to describe the new openings and opportunities that the session called in.  As a transmuter myself - I never came across someone so accurate and precise in his work as Nikhil. Working together has been a true divine gift.

    Marissa Klouwer - Alignment Coach & Entrepreneur

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