Unleash Your Boundless Potential

I empower visionary leaders, entrepreneurs and creatives to decimate limiting beliefs, ignite their genius and accelerate their evolutionary path of service.


Rapidly free yourself from limiting beliefs and outdated narratives keeping you stuck and stagnant


Unlock your gifts and superhuman abilities to actualize the full spectrum of your potential


 Connect to your true source of power and organically accelerate your evolution and impact 

You are WAY too powerful to be playing small.

I know what it feels like to feel stuck. Especially when you know that you are destined for big things.

You trying every process, hack and system to shift into empowered, abundant states of clarity, ease and impact, but in reality, you’re banging you’re simply spinning your wheels.


The hours of meditation, affirmations and vision boards help you feel good momentarily but are not tangibly moving the needle in your life and business.

You’ve tried every marketing strategy and manifestation ritual under the sun to call in the next-level dream clients, but you keep attracting broken (and broke) people who barely value themselves, let alone YOUR unique genius.

Ever wondered why you keep attracting a tonne of shadow? (Hint. The answer is inside of you, hidden in plain sight)

It’s no fun having your energy dispersed all over the place, anxious and worried that at any moment all the plates you’re juggling will crash down on you.

The clients you may have been needy and overly demanding of your time, and your prices don’t match the level of energy you’re investing in them.

Nothing you do seems to be working and you feel UNSUPPORTED and alone on your journey.

What’s more, nobody is keeping you accountable to the standard of excellence which is necessary for you to fulfil your potential.

When will you step into your greatness?

Our world is in massive upheaval, with the fabric of our reality being torn apart in real-time.

And now more than ever, you are being called to liberate the shackles holding you back and take back the reigns of your life.

How do you adapt to this new paradigm and anchor in your power without reverting to the outdated patterns and beliefs fighting for their survival?

What if I told you that you were being presented with a paradigm-altering opportunity to step into your true power, once and for all?

What if you could transmute the old narrative into an empowering myth of powerful impact and Divine embodiment?

I hear the voice inside of you shouting…

“I’m here to radically impact the collective! The world needs ME to share my gifts with power and confidence! Abundance creativity is my natural state!”

Yes, the world needs you TO RISE ABOVE the excuses and habitual self-sabotage keeping you entrapped in the same old cycles, isolated from an unadulterated expression of your true genius.

This life is a cyclical expression of infinity, and how you show up each SINGLE DAY powerfully defines the trajectory of your life and by default affects your level of impact, abundance and freedom.

The truth is when you cut through the layers of BS, clear the fog of the ego and anchor with the zero point field of pure potential (where your genius resides) your reality shifts instantaneously…

…and that’s precisely when the brilliant ideas, amplified creativity, incredible connections, confidence, radiant joy, dream clients and free-flowing abundance starts to pour into your field.

The game changes when you master your energy.

Imagine what life would look like if you felt a sense of supreme clarity and purpose.

Moving through your days with the spaciousness to focus only on what LIGHTS YOU UP unleashing your Divine GENIUS into the world in a way that IGNITES your entire being (whilst getting renumerated 

What would change if you didn’t have to chase people, but had the perfect collaborators and clients appear in your field as if this was by magic?

How much flow and life force would you be able to harness if you felt supported and held on all levels, instead of that sinking sensation in your gut?

What kind of impact would you have in the world if you possessed the confidence of a dragon, soaring forth into the realms of the unknown crushing your goals and igniting the world around you with your gifts and unique magic?

Your vibrational integrity (energy management) directly influences your success and well-being.

Energy = Current. Current = Currency. Currency = Impact.

The formula is straightforward.

Master your energy (mind, body, spirit) and you will master your reality, unleashing your gifts and realizing your evolutionary potential as a powerful creator.

If you are a Visionary Entrepreneur, Leader Creative, Coach, Consultant, Author or Speaker who is looking to break through your limiting beliefs and narratives once and for all and powerfully leap into the next level of your expression and impact then this is your call to rise up.

I want to work with you.

Rapid Empowerment Intensives are designed for New Paradigm Leaders who feel the readiness and willingness to SHOW UP for themselves and for the sacred mission that has been bestowed upon them.

Actualize Your Limitless Potential

Rapid Empowerment Intensives are real-time dynamic quantum field recalibrations designed to powerfully activate New Paradigm Leaders who feel the readiness and willingness to SHOW UP for themselves and for the sacred mission that has been bestowed upon them.

These 45-minute sessions are a unique blend of metaphysical and multi-dimensional psychic guidance, visioning and morphogenetic activation (my channel is highly attuned after walking the inner path for almost two decades, not to mention infinite lifetimes of cultivation) paired with practical, cutting-edge business strategy and expertise that I’ve honed founding 3 companies, consulting with numerous startups within the personal development, wellness and tech industries and empowering 100’s of visionaries just like you.

The investment for the Rapid Empowerment Intensive is $200 USD and includes a 15 min follow up session within a week.

1) Schedule A Call

Secure a time with me where we will meet over Zoom to dive deep into your energetic field to explore the depths of your being, idetify the key levers for evolution and accelerate your self-actualization

2) Clarify & Activate

You will receive supreme clarity around blocks, implants or faulty programming, whilst being recalibrated your full potential in real-time trough channeled guidance and activations

3) Expand And Thrive

Move forward with tangibly precise action steps to anchor in your true power and generate exponential traction in your life/business, all whilst basking in your newfound perspective of truth

Words of Praise

I just experienced Nikhil in my first coaching session and as a result of it, I honestly feel my life will never be the same – in the best possible way. Nikhil has a rare fluidity to his coaching style and is able to deliver profound, ethereal insights in a way that is totally relatable & actionable. His authenticity is palpable. He seems to effortlessly create and hold a safe space for transformation, while making a huge breakthrough fun & freeing. I am grateful for the support Nikhil gives me in finding & living the best possible version of me. I’m loving the journey & feel like I’m ‘coming home to myself’ more & more every day .

Jasi Colley

Business Owner

 Nikhil possesses a remarkable ability to see beyond the clutter, to cut through what is not needed and get right to the core of someone’s gifts. He has been someone who has played a crucial role in my business. Assisting me to not only share my gifts with the world at deeper levels but to also help me learn more about myself in the process.

He has this ability to extract the best from you and package it in a unique and stand out kind of way, whilst still honoring the essence of your message. 

Stefanos Sifandos

Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author

Thank you Nikhil for holding such incredible space and holding me as I go beyond my edge and anything that I have ever “known” to fully remember…wow! Beyond words.

I feel like I am still basking in this feeling, and I still have a smile on my face. Working with you keeps getting better and better. I am in heaven!


Founder of The SuperCreator Method, former Medical Doctor turned Entheogen Shaman and Consciousness Coach

Nikhil is a visionary who sees and describes with detailed clarity the quantum architecture surrounding an individual’s soul stream. His work goes much deeper than business coaching analytics.

He reads the messages sent to our higher selves directly from Source as they relate to abundance and solar plexus activation. This is diamond activation technology for a new age. Thank you brother. Highly recommend!!

Rachel Larson

Thankyou for the insights and openings. Nikhil taps in powerfully and potently, offering clear guidance and forward movement. He saw very spot on where I was at and what he shared was spot on. Putting these things into practice, and opening to even greater expansion and activation in my work. He helped me move through some inner doubts pretty quickly with a soul source nudge in the right direction. Offered some practices and grounded practical wisdom to take the next steps. So grateful for the clear channel and reflections, puzzle pieces falling into place from God space.

Ashiana Kala Love

Love Life and Destiny Coach, Channel, Poet, Creator & Visionary

Nikhil brings a clarity and honesty that is pure fire for the spirit. He has an incredible ability to look through all your stories and gently touch that place where your true purpose lies.

It’s truly inspiring to see someone show up to life in this way, no nonsense but with a gentle heart and a fire in his soul that is very contagious. Thank you Nikhil

Lasse Topjberg

Visonary Artist and Musician

Nikhil has consistently provided a safe space to express and make sense of the unfoldment of my life and then to receive feed back and guidance in the form of actionable steps and measures for accountability has made a huge difference in the way that I am able to show up in the world for myself and those around me.

Ezriyah Ben Ernst

Fear Paradigm Release Practioner, CEO of Locoji Gatherings

Nikhil an inspiring visionary genius. He possesses a unique combination of insight and wisdom to intuitively guide you to transform in powerful ways. The outcomes being connecting to your true essence and higher consciousness living and fulfilling your soul’s mission.

Francesca Vinci

Vibrational Specialist, Coach & Author

I can say with all sincerity that his work is on another level. Saying that It is far beyond what I expected is an understatement. Nikhil is a channel for information and is connected beyond this world. Through his process he put me in alignment with a deeper level of myself. As a result I was able to  clarify a new personal brand, a completely new website and a new direction for my business. This is not simply web design or marketing, this is guidance from a deeper level and it has been transformative.

Craig Young

Master Musician & Business Owner

Meet Nikhil

I’ve been on a rollercoaster journey of spiritual remembrance since the age of 18. The last 15 years have taught me a myriad of lessons; the power of surrender, learning into fear, trusting my inner guidance and how to design a life with precision and intention. Most important I’ve learnt how to ignite the eternal genius that lies within to free myself from the matrix and create a life on my terms.

I am here to be the mirror that ignites your limitless genius so that you may break free from the illusion of fear and dissolve the faulty programmings keeping you stuck, small and unfulfilled. I wield potent mindset tools, multi-dimensional vision, ancient esoteric technologies and leading-edge business growth strategies within my arsenal of transformation.

My mission is to empower visionary entrepreneurs and leaders to eradicate limiting beliefs and harness their creative force to architect impactful, harmonious and abundant lives.

This is powered by my vision where every being has liberated their consciousness and embodied their timeless magnificence to craft a world that is overflowing with artistry, magic and love.

My expertise lies in helping visionaries, change-makers and creatives to rapidly shift limiting beliefs, clarify their mission and powerfully impact the world all whilst creating a balanced and prosperous life.